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Street Legal Sand Rails

Customized With All The Bells and Whistles

Here at CR1428 Fabrication, we take pride in providing our customers with custom sand rail fabrication. We create distinctive street legal vehicles. There is extreme pride in the meticulous construction of these specialty vehicles we assemble for our clients. Our designs are always one of a kind and as unique as their owners. 

What Sets Us Apart 

When you order a custom sand rail from CR1428 Fabrication, you are assured an unparalleled experience. There are only a limited amount of these vehicles produced each year guaranteeing superior craftsmanship. None of our custom work is rushed or hastily put together. We take our time to make sure your sand rail is exactly how you want it. 

We do not sell buggy kits, as we build each unit with the customer’s wants and needs in mind. Each CR1428 Fabrication Sand Rail is custom built one at a time. This ensures our attention to detail is focused on each individual vehicle and the customer’s desires and needs for their sand rail.

We do all of our metal fabrication in house which guarantees the highest quality construction. In addition to sturdy frame construction, we only use the finest VW parts and products in our machines to ensure they are the best running buggies on the street. 

Sand Rails That Turn Heads

Functionality And Fun

CR1428 Fabrication can meet all your needs with our sand rails. We can customize pretty much every feature - down to tailoring the size to fit your frame. Our sand rails can even be customized to fit two or four seats.

Our sand rails aren't like any other model you have seen. Each of our fully customized sand rails have gauges in the dash, like those in standard automobiles, making it feel even more like a luxury version of your basic sand rail.  Our buggies are truly some of the most versatile on the market. 

CR1428 Fabrication's Sand Rails are fully equipped and ready to go off-roading during your camping trip, or take up the road to the grocery store. We even leave space behind the seats for fire wood out in nature or your weekly groceries. Our buggies are a phenomenal way to feel the open air while offering functionality, safety, and stability all  in a fun to drive vehicle. 

If you have the desire to feel the wind in your hair and experience the thrill of the open road,
all while maintaining the function of an automobile, CR1428 Fabrication can meet your needs!

Years of Sand Rail Experience

Our owner, Toby Roberson, has over three decades of experience building and driving sand rails.  His knowledge offers exceptionally specialized insight into every aspect of the operation. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, our customer service staff is available during the entire fabrication process to answer any questions and guide you through the process. 

At CR1428 Fabrication, we also offer small metal repair, pipe fence construction, and other small metal fabrication jobs. If you're unsure about a job you need completed, reach out to us so we can get your job taken care of.

Custom Sand Rails, Pipe Fences and More

Your Sand Rail Experts

If you've been looking for a new way to cruise the streets or a new toy to take camping, a custom sand rail is what you need. CR1428 Fabrication are the experts in customizing a sand rail just the way you want it. With these custom rides, you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors from a safe, open - air vehicle.

But sand rails aren't our only specialty. We're also here for your pipe fencing, and small welding and metal repair jobs. Have a trailer hitch that needs repaired or a landscaping trailer that needs work? We can take care of that for you. If your ranch or property needs a sleek new pipe fence you keep your animals in or just to add a perimeter to your land, we can make it happen. 

At CR1428 Fabrication, our custom sand rails will turn heads, and our other welding and small metal repair fixes will keep your equipment running smoothly and your property secured. 


Want to cruise the streets in a custom sand rail?

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