Custom Sand Rail Fabrication

Made To Your Specifications
Feeling the force of the wind and the freedom of a powerful vehicle that can take you nearly anywhere is exhilarating. From a leisurely trip to the grocery store to tearing up the sand across the beach dunes, sand rails provide an experience like no other. Much safer than a traditional motorcycle but retaining all the thrill, these vehicles bring back the fun of driving and offer customization options just for you. CR1428 Fabrication Custom Sand Rails At CR1428 Fabrication, we design and construct high - performance sand rails for a variety of terrains, including mixed. Whether you’re looking to cruise... Read The Rest

Pipe Fencing Made To Order

Installed At Your Property
Are you looking for a way to improve the look of your home or do you need extra security for your business?  If you’re looking for a low - maintenance fencing solution, there is no better choice than pipe fencing. Sought out by farmers, ranchers, and rural property owners, pipe fencing is durable, features an appealing look, and offers the strength required to contain cattle, horses, and more. At CR1428 Fabrication, we know pipe fencing. We work hard to give every client a beautiful fence that will last for years to come. Pipe Fencing Benefits One of the significant advantages of this... Read The Rest

Small Welding Jobs And Metal Repairs

Meeting Your Welding Needs
In addition to custom sand rails and pipe fencing, at CR1428 Fabrication, we can tackle any number of small welding projects or metal repairs. Do you need some steel nuts welded to a steel C channel? Or perhaps you have a metal trailer that needs framing repair? Welding Skill For Your Repairs Whether it’s a few minutes or a few days, we can provide excellent service for various low - scale projects. Within the off - road and truck community, we fabricate several components to help our clients get the look and functionality they need. Roll - cages, shock mounts, and bumper... Read The Rest

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