Custom Sand Rail Fabrication

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Feeling the force of the wind and the freedom of a powerful vehicle that can take you nearly anywhere is exhilarating. From a leisurely trip to the grocery store to tearing up the sand across the beach dunes, sand rails provide an experience like no other. Much safer than a traditional motorcycle but retaining all the thrill, these vehicles bring back the fun of driving and offer customization options just for you.

CR1428 Fabrication Custom Sand Rails

At CR1428 Fabrication, we design and construct high - performance sand rails for a variety of terrains, including mixed. Whether you’re looking to cruise the street in style, plow through massive dunes or navigate rugged backcountry trails, we customize to your specifications. There are several aspects to building these custom vehicles that require extensive experience, meticulous detail, and welding skill.

At CR1428 Fabrication, the sand rails we produce are high - end, street - legal vehicles that we construct with precision.
Our vehicles are so customized we are only able to build a handful of them each year. 

Not only do we build sand rails, but we stand behind the quality of each one that leaves our shop. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and our lengthy list of clientele will confirm our dedication and delivery of a remarkable product. Each vehicle utilizes a VW engine, and we procure the framing material and carefully weld everything together per your design. There are many different seating options you can choose from, such as two seats or four - seat configurations. We even ensure each sand rail includes additional cargo space behind the seats for extra convenience.

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A Look At Custom Sand Rail Fabrication

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